Athens Video Art Festival is an International Festival of Digital Arts and New Media. It celebrates digital culture through an annual gathering that brings together a global community of artists and audiences. Athens Video Art Festival aims to encourage, stimulate and promote all aspects of digital creation by investing in local as well as international artists and communities.



Athens Video Art Festival supports contemporary artistic trends, within the frame of the urban culture out of which it originated. By using as a primary tool its diverse program, it pursues within this frame a multitude of goals.



The International Festival of Digital Arts and new media, Athens Video Art Festival 2014, seeks for young, talented people with creative inspiration to contribute with their dynamic presence in the conduct of the 10th anniversary of this festival.


10th Anniversary Edition

The International Festival of Digital Arts and New Media, Athens Video Art Festival, celebrates its ten-year long faithful presence in free expression of the arts and new technologies returning to the familiar paths of “Technopolis” of City of Athens from 2 to 5 October.

Through a series of screenings, exhibitions, performing actions, workshops, lectures and academic presentations the festival combines the industrial heritage of the old gas factory with digital arts and technology, aiming at providing cultural energy that will illuminate the city and expanding creativity to the edge.

This year’s edition of Athens Video Art Festival aims to present a multifaceted undertaking a multifaceted artistic nature harmoniously linking eight categories : video art, animation, applications, installations, performances, digital image, web art, music, set up the network by associating the emergence of various sources of expression with the need for a re-”establishment” art . It discovers, unlocks and interacts on a new basis with all aspects and possibilities of lively spaces of “Technopolis” of City of Athens for coformulating an active core of social innovation.

How can one balance the distance between the edges of contemporary social and historical reality? Is this question pointless?naive? Or even hollow? A close observation of everyday life is required to identify that the EDGE is a central motif of our everyday reference.New dipoles arise constantly as people deny what they cannot comprehend. The defined limit is a result of a compromise between those two: what a team is claiming for itself and what others want to accredit. A collectivity can operate by accepting a certain degree of multiplicity.

What causes the separation – the limit – is the desire for differentiation. At first, this rapid emergence of the edges, in a wider frame of reference, is evident and multilayered: the edges coexist and collide with devastating or beneficial consequences.Just like two chemical elements, from the moment they are combined neither of them can be the same again.

The 10th anniversary edition, is not based on statements. It suggests, though, different readings of the same story, based on a paradox:the vague and ambiguous but thoroughly entrenched boundaries between the different practices of new media.

Starting on day One and the presentation of the representational act of Nonotak, titled “Late Speculation”, the ideal atmosphere for the reception of sensory installation “80 prepared dc-motors, cotton balls, cardboard boxes” by Zimoun is created. At the same time, the academic nature of the festival is enhanced through workshops, including the one specifically dedicated to Glitch Art by Phillip Stearns. Its dynamic is also presented from the relevant exhibition with Glitch Art projects of Greek and international artists, which will decorate the spaces of the Athens Transportation. In the screenings section, the projection of the documentary Codebreaker is really significant as a reference to the work of the British mathematician,, logic professor and cryptographer, Alan Turing, in the digital world. The sound character of the festival will be formed by great artist of the music stage, including the multitalented pianist and composer, Vilker Bertelmann, known as Hauschka, as well as the founder of the Greek dubstep sound, Michalis Rakintzis, who has prepared a superb audiovisual concert in collaboration with Vj Codec, on the last day of the festival.

Athens Video Art Festival 2014 will bring together people of different practices and through collaboration will attempt to blur their boundaries anticipating an unpredictable and subversive outcome.

Daily ticket: 6 euros, price reduction to 3 euros for the holders of a ticket or a card by the Athens Urban Transportation (50% discount)
4-day pass: 16 euros, price reduction to 8 euros for the holders of a ticket or a card by the Athens Urban Transportation (50% discount)
Opening hours: 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.